Face-to-face counseling and psychotherapy is the traditional approach to obtaining the  comfort, support and help of a therapist. 

For the client it is reassuring to see that the therapist is truly focused on her or him, and  appears to comprehend the words and feelings of the

client.  For some clients, talking live, in  person, and face-to-face can be intimidating if they are withdrawn and have great reluctance of

out in the world to seek counseling.  Each case is different.

For the therapist, meeting the client face-to-face gives him/her the opportunity to observe  body language, expressions, and eye contact that

may be giving additional “silent”  information.

If travel, or meeting appointments is an impediment for the client, for any reason whatsoever,  than distance counseling or e-Therapy can be a

very affective and preferable alternative, or – could be an occasional supplement to direct, face-to face meetings.  Please click the above link for

further information.

Our office is located in Cumberland County, Kentucky and lies between Burkesville and  Tompkinsville Kentucky, and Celina Tennessee.  It is less

than a mile from the Cumberland River  and about 10 miles from Dale Hollow Lake.

We can accept many health plans, including MEDICAID, and can also work privately completely off-the-record for maximum discretion.  Your

information is confidential and protected by HIPAA laws and regulations.

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