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FREE PRELIMINARY MEETING:  My preliminary meeting with you consists of a brief introductory session, free-of-charge, in order to  frame your issues.  

In this we can determine if we can make a compatible team that works well together.  The meeting may be in person or by phone, chat, or email.

OFFICE VISITS:  Office visits are payable by check, money order, or cash at the end of the session. 

They are by appointment only – no exceptions.  I also accept all types of Anthem and several other insurance companies listed below.

E-COUNSELING:  Online or Phone Counseling is payable online via PayPal using your credit card, at the beginning of the session.  

There is no fee to join or to pay, and you may use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. 

Your credit information is kept secure by safe and reputable  PayPal, an eBay subsidiary.

Sellers and service providers never see your information.  

Click on the PayPal link for complete details. 

Sessions may also be paid for in advance by check, money order, or by direct money transfers.

INSURANCE:  I am credentialed by several health providers, and the list is growing. 

They include Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, LifeSynch, Anthem, Aetna, WellPoint, Ceridian EAP, HealthLink, and Commonwealth Health Corporation (aka Center Care) which expect you to make only a nominal co-payment.

I am also in the process of adding further providers. 

If you carry insurance, check with your provider to see if I am on the list of mental health providers in your area. 

NOTE:  Some insurance companies permit eCounseling, but most do not. 

Some companies will also accept out-of-network providers, in which case they will grant you a reimbursement. 

I will do my utmost to assist you.

The down side of insurance companies and managed care, however, for all health issues, means a sharing of information with the insurance company. 

This may not be in your best interest for several reasons.  For more detailed discussion about this matter, and for an explanation of my professional obligations to guard your privacy, please click on this link:  PRIVACY

PRIVATE PAY:  As a private-pay client, you have the freedom and flexibility to fully choose your therapist based on personal preference rather than having to select one from your insurance company’s panel.

FEES:  The initial brief session, as mentioned above is free.  Thereafter:

$50 for a 1/2 hour session

$60 for a 1/2 hour 3-way session (such as a couple on a three-way conference call or in-office visit)

$85 for a full hour

$95 for a full hour 3-way

$105 for 1 1/4 hour session

$125 for 1 1/2 hours

$150 for 1 3/4 hours


for 2 hours


$40 for a detailed answer with one follow-up question and answer

$25 for a single detailed answer.

After payment, send your question to  ASK A QUESTION .    It will be answered as soon as it is read, and always with in 24 hours maximum after I accept the request to answer.

The fee schedule may be reviewed and adjusted annually. 

CANCELLATIONS:   Office sessions should start at the appointed time. If you are late you may get a shorter session if another appointment is pending. 

I will do my best to accommodate you, however.

Should I have to cancel at any time (has never happened) then I shall make every effort to re-arrange the next possible session.


You may use the PayPal drop down menu below to prepay for online service,

or I can send you an instant PayPal billing statement for an amount not on the drop-down list and you can pay immediately in that manner.

Choose Service Fee and pay with PayPal
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