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                                                           MAKE CREATIVE, POWERFUL CHOICES IN LIFE AND WORK”



GREETINGS!  Thank you for visiting my psychotherapy and counseling homepage.

Seeking effective guidance to help you get your life back on a smooth track is a sign of strength - and a courageous  beginning. 

A personal relationship with a caring and professional counselor, one who listens but never judges, is clinically proven to be highly effective.


I rarely give advice.  Rather, I question, probe, and give feedback, guiding you to find the appropriate solutions for your particular situation - at your own pace

I allow you to relax and to reach your level of personal comfort, while we explore the situations needing to be resolved. 

Through my patient and gentle intervention, I guide you towards finding the resolutions that will work for you.


I believe that trust, safety, and acceptance are necessary in order for therapy to be successful. 

Together, we can create a relaxed, safe, and confidential environment to explore what troubles or limits you. 

We can open our hearts to express emotions freely. 

The mind can be healed and the spirit can be soothed. 

We can find resolutions   -  true inner peace  -  for you as an individual, a couple, a family, or a group.


Contact me to make an appointment for a free consultation before you decide to commit to a therapeutic relationship

         -in person
         -by phone

         -online via exchange of email
         -online via live message chat (Skype)

         -online via audio chat (Skype)

         -online via video chat  (Skype)


Just click the CONTACT link (several on this page) or just click here

I will get back to you ASAP.

                        Visit the other pages on this site:

    • THERAPIST            describes my background and qualifications, and includes relevant links
    • SERVICES               mentions some of the approaches and techniques we provide.
    • FACE-TO-FACE     tells the advantages of the direct approach, with pictures of our facility.
    • e-THERAPY            discusses the various ways of obtaining therapy and counseling long distance.
    • INTAKE FORM      is a complete registration form to our clinic; fill it out, click and send, (or download a copy and print).
    • FEES                        establishes costs and methods of payment.  It also establishes a link to ask a therapy question by email.
    • ARTICLES             contains over 50 newspaper columns/blogs I've written and published about mental health issues.
    • CONTACT              once again, is your gateway to us, and the start of a positive therapeutic relationship.


         PAY FIRST at the bottom of the FEES page HERE.

        Then send your question by clicking  ASK A QUESTION.
        It will be answered as soon as it is read, and always within 24 hours maximum.  

        I also work by CHAT, VIDEO CHAT (SKYPE), and TELEPHONE, and of course in person in my office.

UPDATE:  February 26, 2014:  For all Kentucky LPCA candidates, I am now certified  by the KY Licensing Board to be

a Supervisor during your 2-year post graduate internship. Only one out of four supervisions needs to be face-to-face.  The others

can be by Video Skype of phone.  Contact me:

UPDATE:  February 2014:  I now accept most Medicaid for in-office visits.

    • Elliott Sewell, LPCC, NCC, CCMHC

      Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC)

      National Certified Counselor (LPCC)

      Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC)

      Former Adjunct Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

      Contact Me!


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