Some Facts About Me

I have led a rich and diverse life and bring much life-experience and many years of post-graduate study in mental health, social sciences, and


I performed with a well-known psychodrama group in Europe (Les Treteaux Libres de Geneve), where I lived for four years.

I grew up in NYC and lived in rural Kentucky for many years.

I lived abroad (France, Belgium, Scotland, England), and traveled extensively.

I have taught at the college and graduate level for 6 years, in mental health counseling and the social sciences, and use my professional skills

to counsel and advise my students and offer them career counseling.

As a teacher of social problems and social psychology I help to awaken my students to the historical facts and true nature of our society and

government and how real events need to be understood because they affect our lives.

I have worked in my local community, pro bono, with prisoners in the jail and with the elderly and infirm in nursing homes who need outside

emotional support (as do their families) to survive.

I recently ran a successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation program and administered individual psychotherapy at a local jail, and previously

worked in a youth facility. 

I have been nominated for Kentucky Volunteer of the Year for 2009.

I am a member of Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky.


I have been a professional studio musician, writer and producer, in my own professional studio, and have worked in all styles, and am a keen


I speak French fluently, and was a court interpreter.

I have published, edited, and co-wrote a book on teaching grammar and good living to children through chants and rhymes (see bottom of

HOME page) of link here to Amazon.

I write a weekly newspaper column on mental health published in several local papers.

I have successfully answered  over 7600 online clients on mental health, relationship, parenting, and dream interpretation issues, with a positive

client rating of almost 99%.

I live deep in the country for many years and raise a large organic garden, eat healthy foods and drink pure spring water, and exercise

(swimming) summer and winter.

I have been a professional cook, and built and ran my own restaurant.

I am certified as a Supervisor for licensing candidates during their two year internship.

My very diverse and eclectic  background makes me uniquely qualified to understand your own complicated and unique lives and lifestyles.


I have been a substitute teacher (K-12), a social service worker, a sociology researcher, a restaurant owner, a chef, a farmer, an organic

gardener, and an animal lover and horse rider.


My graduate practicum involved working with children, and my internship was with a community mental health facility where my supervisors

were an MD psychiatrist, and well-known clinical psychologist.  I worked with  the full range of issues from relationship problems to mood

disorders to schizophrenia.

My late sister had a doctorate (PhD) in Counseling and worked with inner city clients stricken with Schizophrenia; she shared a lot of valuable

knowledge and guided me during my own developing career.


I am the father of three wonderful children and a grandfather.   My clients and friends find me warm, accessible, and wise, and

tell me that I make their lives better by talking with them and by guiding them.  Chances are, I can help you too.




                              ELLIOTT SEWELL, LPCC, NCC, CCMCH




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